Procedure for visit organisers

The document General Safety Instruction: Visits on the CERN site. (EDMS 1137263) defines the minimum requirements for all types of visit on CERN site:

For each visit, the following is defined:

  • an official responsible for the organisation of the visit, who is the guarantor of compliance with CERN Safety rules. For professional visits of facilities, the person responsible for the visit can, exceptionally, be a contractor, subject to authorisation by the CERN contract manager;
  • at least one escort – this may be the visit organiser;
  • the number of visitors admissible in the group;
  • the special conditions applying to the visitors, where they exist;
  • the areas visited and/or to be passed through which are accessible;
  • the safety equipment for the visitors and/or the escort(s).

The conditions of visits must be suited to the physical and mental aptitudes of the visitors (e.g. problems of reduced mobility, claustrophobia, etc.).

Visites professionnelles

On entend par visite professionnelle, toute visite accompagnée dans le cadre d’une mission professionnelle.

Les consignes sont décritent dans le document "Etapes à suivre pour organiser des visites professionnelles dans les installations faisceaux" EDMS 1281098 Ces consignes ne s’appliquent pas aux visites de la presse.

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