Safety Alerts about PPEs

Electrical insulation defect on safety helmets produced by EUROPROTECTION. June 2013.

Types: safety helmets identified under the following SCEM numbers: white, yellow, blue.

Issue: some safety helmets do not respect any of the requirements for electrical insulation.

Action: wear an electrically insulated safety helmet if required:

- Petzl Vertex ST helmet (without vent).

- Idra helmet with a visor for electrical work.

As for the people who do not need to wear an electrically insulated helmet for their activities, they can continue working with the aforementioned helmets. Details can be found on the CERN Bulletin.

Non-compliant helmets can be returned to: BE-Safety Unit, 864-2-C06.

NEWTON harnesses produced by PETZL. May 2013.

Types NEWTON C73*** type harnesses with serial numbers below 11365***.

Issue: defect on Newton harness: inspection of safety stitching required.

Action: Petzl is asking all of its customers to inspect the safety stitching on the loops of the sternal attachment point. Details can be found on PETZL website.

Lanyards Absobica produced by PETZL. April 2013.

Types L57, L70150 I, L70150 Y, L70150 IM, L70150 YM.

Issue: stitched bar tacks not compliant.

Action: HSE unit requests to inspect your energy absorber using the special inspection procedure.



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